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Dinofroz is an Italian animated action television series made by Giochi Preziosi in partnership with Mondo TV.


The series depicts the adventures of Tom, a 12-year-old boy and his three friends, Bob, John and Eric who, after playing a board game, are teleported to a world where they can transform into dinosaurs using stones called Rockfroz. It was foretold in legends that the Dinofroz would come to save the people from the merciless rule of the dragons.

The Shaman is a magician with immense magical powers who is a major help to the Dinofroz in their journey to destroy Neceron, the Lord of the Dragons in retaining the Rockfroz. The Rockfroz is a unique rock fragment giving the Dinofroz special powers in fighting Neceron's cruel generals and their subordinate dragons.

Another important help for the Dinofroz is a huge mammoth named Nelsten whose family was killed by Neceron in an arm to arm combat. Tom's father is another important person who travels ahead of the four friends in time in order to save Tom from the Dragon Lord's cruel wrath.


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