Eric is one of the four main characters of the animated series, Dinofroz.

He is voiced in Hebrew by Saar Badishi.


Eric is the group’s “Tech Guy”. He is never separated from his tablet and his electronic devices! Eric has a brilliant mind and, with the help of technology, is always the first to know what’s going on! His friends can always count on him to find the answer for every problem.

In the second season, he is the computer officer of the Jurassic Truck and guides his teammates during various missions.


Like Bob, Eric is very loyal to Tom and also he is intelligent, smart, kind, good-hearted and heroic, but also not very self-confident.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Eric is slender with fair skin, brown and wavy hair and green eyes. After using the Spinrock, Eric becomes Pterodix, unlike a normal pterodactyl, he is gold with emerald green bat-like wings, and ice on his arms, legs, tail and forehead.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

When Eric becomes Pterodix, he is an agile fighter and a master of flight.

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