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John is one of the four main characters of the animated series, Dinofroz.

He is voiced in Hebrew by Yehonatan Magon.


Being the rebel of the group, John has trouble following Tom’s orders and often creates conflict within the group. However, whenever danger is lurking close, John is a first-rate ally! He’s always hungry for adventure and combat and is agile and passionate about parkour.


John is rebellious, good-hearted, adventurous, heroic and loyal to Tom and his friends.

Physical Appearance[]

John is slender with tan skin, brown and wavy hair and tan-hazel eyes. After using the Spinrock, John becomes Smilodon, unlike a normal saber-toothed tiger, he is gold with bronze-gold armor, white spikes on his cheeks, fangs and sharp teeth on his mouth, and ice on his back, legs and tail.


he was An in patient boy who does things his ways