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Tom is the group's leader, the main protagonist and one of the four main characters of the animated series, Dinofroz.

He is voiced in Hebrew by Gilan Shahaf.


Tom is the charismatic, courageous 12-year old leader of the group. His father, Pro. James Carter is a famous archaeologist who disappeared for months during a research expedition. Tom will not find peace until he finds his father and when he discovers there is a link between his dad and the Remote World. Even their enemy, Neceron fears the power of the T-Rex. Tom will have to guide his friends and face the Dragons to defend Earth’s fate!


Tom is charismatic and secure. He is safe ever since his father disappeared, Tom is still smiling. Also, he is very curious, protective and is a good team leader and a great friend.

Physical Appearance[]

Tom is slender with fair skin, yellow blonde and wavy hair and blue eyes. He wears a blue jacket and an inner white shirt and a watch in his left hand. After using the Spinrock, Tom becomes a T-Rex unlike a normal T-Rex, he is blue and has ice on his back.

Powers and Abilities[]

As he becomes the powerful T-Rex, leader of the Dinofroz, his bite and his tail's lash terrify the villainous dragons.


In the second season, he remains the only one to be transformed into Dinofroz thanks to the Dinowatch, which allows him to evolve into evolved versions of T-Rex and Smilodon and two new Dinofroz, including Gorilla, a green Gigantopithecus, and Raptor, a black Velociraptor. Thanks to the Jurassic Truck's Dinosaur data acquisition ability, he is able to transform himself into Ankylosaur, an Ankylosaur with a metal breastplate dismembered by green tips, and in an evolved version of Triceratops.and tom was asol meet by an old freind in the past kara in rocket town


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