The (ex) general Treek was a general of Neceron's army, he was Vlad's best friend (supposedly). He is of an unknown breed, but it's supposed that he is a vendetta dragon. (because he is very similar to a vendetta dragon) Treek was the only dragon that knew that, under Neceron's rule, the dragons will extinct. But Neceron and the other dragon considered him as a traitor, so he was imprisioned. He tricked Gladius, escaping of his prision, and organizing a Revolt of the Dragons, with "rebels". His army (his rebels) was defeated by Neceron's army. Treek fought with Vlad, trying to convice him of Neceron's intentions. Vlad did not believe Treek and Treek was forced to hurt him to make him listen. When Treek was ready to samash his claws in his old friend, Kobrax appeared and spit his poison on Treek. Then they imprisioned Treek again. When Neceron ordered Gladius and Kobrax to kill Treek, Vlad interfired and said that he wanted a revenge with Treek because he betrayed him. Despite that Vlad was angry with Treek because he betrayed him, Vlad freed Treek. Treek leaves and did not appear at the final battle, when he tried to save vlad, but he can't. He is the only general that is sure that he is alive. Professor Warnell, an old friend of James (Tom's father) discovered Treek's DNA, and he resurrect the ex general Treek as a greenish-blue, kind of gas, calling him Prometheus. (But Warnell knew Treek's real name).Treek then escapes into the past,bathes in the sacred lava pools,becomes stronger and changes his name to Drakomon and unites dragons once more.He then makes them stronger by allowing them to bathe in sacred pools,altering their appearance.Vlad who survived fall of Neceron has become stronger too and drastically diffrent in appearence and is too serving under Drakomon as his general and so are General Arctic and General Petris.Drakomon's forces engage in battles with Dinofroz while he is consulting with the oracle Pyros and gaining visions from the future and from Neceron and Treek during time when Treek was tortured.He becomes paranoid and thinks that there is a traitor among his dragons,however he never caught him but by the end it was Vlad who was unknowingly (even to Vlad himself) the traitor and who both directly and indirectly contributed to the death of Darkomon.

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