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Vlad is one of Neceron's four generals of the dragon land.

He is voiced in Hebrew by Yoram Yosefsberg

He is voiced in Danish by Peter Zhelder.t

Belonging to the Vampire Dragon tribe, Vlad is one of the most powerful Dragons. The Vampire Dragons have special powers: they can turn into bats and can inflict great damage with their bite! Vlad is the strongest Vampire Dragon of all and he possesses


Vlad is a wyvern-like dragon in the First Season. In the second season he more resembles a European 2 tailed Dragon with Bat like Ears.

Powers and Abilities[]


As being a Vampire Dragon he can:

  • Do Pyrokinesis
  • Turn into Bats
  • Minimize
  • With one bite he can turn the unlucky victim into a vampire dragon.
  • Flight


Season 1[]

General Vlad first appeared in New Enemy, where he was seen talking to Neceron about how he would imprison Dinofroz

Season 2[]

Vlad, who first appeared in the Past World, where he fought Tom as a T-Rex.


  • General Vad was the only Mutant Dragon to originally belong to a Dragon Tribe, i.e. The Vampire Dragon Tribe.